Intolerance inverted: Is rodeo clown satire now banned under Obama?

Robert Bridge

obmaskState fairs are a great American institution. They’re so wild, so rural, so hillbilly country that one may even find a rodeo clown donning a mask of the President of the United States. That is, until now.

Over the weekend, at the Missouri State Fair, a now-unemployed rodeo clown climbed into the bull pit wearing a rubber Barack Obama mask. Yes, these are clearly crazy times, and it is safe to say that more than one buffoon has been shot dead for less.

But first, what exactly is a rodeo clown? Rodeo clowns, also known as bullfighters, are athletes employed to protect riders who get tossed from bulls during rodeo competitions. In other words, it’s incredibly dangerous work since most bulls have one goal, and that’s to gore the nearest person to death with their massive horns.

Rodeo clowns, when not running for the lives of others, also provide an increasingly rare art form, known in less-stressed circles today as comic relief. And if there is any place on earth that needs some comic relief, it’s the United States.

So now this particular rodeo clown, who is trying to raise a family by distracting agitated bulls, has lost his job for mimicking Barack Obama at a state fair.  Admittedly, the bullfighter’s employment outlook took a kick in the pants when the announcer asked the predominantly white crowd if “anybody wanted to see Obama get run over by a bull.”

But it seems like a fair question since – surprise, surprise – it really wasn’t President Obama behind the rubber mask. Apparently such things need tediously explained in these days of virtual reality. Furthermore, 99 percent of Americans recently got “run over” in the parking lot of Obama’s too-big-to-fail-banker’s ball. In these days of intense fear and loathing, is not the little guy entitled to gently mock Caesar – regardless of his or her skin color – without fear of being smacked down by the establishment with unemployment? Apparently not.

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11 comments on “Intolerance inverted: Is rodeo clown satire now banned under Obama?
  1. Why was there no public outcry when George W. was mocked or for that matter Clinton and Carter? Hell, even Reagan had rubber masks made of him. For years men like Twain and Will Rogers and Carson and Leno have used Washingtonian politics as a platform for comedy. Is Czar Barry any less worthy of mockery? On the contrary!
    Pity they who cry for false justice, for justice will serve them not!


  2. J.G.Lord says:

    When any form of dissent is censored and the dissenter punished freedom is lost. It is the right of a free people to mock question and disagree in any and all public forums. It seems those rights are gone have been take away by Obama under his promise of CHANGE>>>>>


  3. And a clown makes O look like an ass. *guffaw*

    Aww, Barrry got his widdle feewings hurted by the big mean rodeo clownie man! LOL


  4. Certainly our government masks the fact that Caesar is the megacorps and megabanks and that of, for and by the people thing has kinda evaporated.


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